Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fast and Big- I love it!

This year’s Goeblins Annecy bumpers didn’t catch my eye as much as previous years, but I really liked the feel of energy in this one.

arche.jpg (click to play movie)

I think it has a great mix. The traditional media background elements combined with what seemed like CG matte painting manipulation give this a fantastic sense of energy. Very imaginative use of abstract shapes and colors at the right time really punch this out. I just love how they dip in and out of moments of lucidity and near drowning in energy. The timing is really strong. The animators did a very good job of capturing a sense of speed, energy and scale- all extremely tricky challenges in animation. Don’t look for any real deep character performance, but just soak up the flow of the energy. Very cool, very inspiring. I’ll be “borrowing” a few of those ideas myself in my own project.

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