Saturday, May 17, 2008

Housekeeping: Feedburner RSS Subscription Link Fixed

Those of you who may have tried to RSS subscribe to this blog using Feedburner link I have over on the right hand sidebar have found that clicking on that little button didn’t really work properly. That’s a bit of a problem since the whole point of that thing was to let folks easily subscribe to this blog. Hmmm. (the little orange RSS chicklet up there in the address bar of the site has always worked, though)
But happy day- all that is fixed now. So if you want to RSS subscribe to my blog you can now easily (and successfully) do so using the Feedburner button over there on the right. It will make keeping track of this blog a lot easier. Not that it’s been active around here the last year or so, but I’m expecting things to pick back up in the coming months.

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