Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hedgehog in the Fog

This is a pretty good quality copy of Yuri Norstein's short film.

There are times I'm mystified by how he does what he does. His technique is just amazing- the visuals are wonderful. I'd love to just watch how he makes some of these scenes. If Norstein ever made a "How To" DVD I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


Molasses said...

For the best available copies of Norshteyn's work:

Downloads are available from 4am - 10am Moscow time

#44, 692, 1158, 1862, 2136, 2366

Omar Rodriguez Animation said...

Id second that, I want a "how to" DVD from Norshteyn also.

Anonymous said...

I found this film through a site about Hayao Myazaki who admires his work and seemingly has become friends with the man. It's haunting those films of his.

Kind Regards Lars

Josh Bowman said...

Yep, I really enjoyed this film when I saw it...I think my favourite part is when he looks up at the tree and the camera kind of circles it a bit...wonder how he did that.

Just don't watch his film about a crane, it's soooo boring.

Unknown said...

Actually there is a very good (and long) movie about russian animation in general. it covers several animators, all of them masters. in yuri norstein part you actually see him and his wife work.

film called "magia russica"

Unknown said...

This cartoon made my childhood. But for me real masterpiece of russian animation is alexander petrov "mermaid"
As far as i aware it's stopmotion done with watercolors and glass.

animation programs said...

Simply Awesome!!