Sunday, April 05, 2009


Any attempt on my part to describe this will ultimately fail, but I'll try all the same.
Sheep, LEDs, time lapse filming, Pong, fireworks and the Mona Lisa. Just watch, you'll love it. I promise!


Dave said...

That is all kinds of craziness! In the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

Heck, who hasn't done this before?

sunny kharbanda said...

Clever idea, but it infuriates me when I see the "sheep-imation" shots that look like bad After Effects work. Especially when you know some studio got paid big bucks to produce this.

Before everyone jumps at me, let me say - I know it's intended to look like crappy animation (I really hope it is!), but then my question is: WHY? Why are we celebrating it like this?

I just did a quick Google search on the commercial and here's what I found:

"The FX Studio at MPC duplicated the sheep using multiple passes which were composited together to create the big walking sheep and the ‘video game’ scene using After Effects, Boujou and Shake. The camera screen had to tracked and composited and some camera movement was added."

This confirms my suspicions:
-It is After Effects animation (the worst kind, where things start and stop moving abruptly and float blissfully through the in-betweens)
-They definitely spent big bucks on it.

I'd be all for this, if it was a fan video created by cash-strapped amateurs with cool ideas trying to make it big. But I can't reconcile the quality of the animation with the budget and studio name involved.

Keith Lango said...

Aw, Sunny-- you ruined the fun of it. heh. Sometimes it's more fun to believe in Santa Claus, you know? ;)

sunny kharbanda said...

Heheh... sorry, Keith. I was feeling especially "Grinch"-ey that day. I'm better since.