Saturday, August 08, 2009

Machinarium-- very cool looking video game

This looks more than cool. The design and imagination are a treat for the eyes.

You can see it humongo sized at the home page for the game. They've got a pre-order offer, too. I think I'm gonna buy it, not for the game play probably as much as the chance to just get lost in this little world of theirs.
Here's a short pre-view of the game, it's due for an October release.


sunny kharbanda said...

Super cool! I loved "Samorost" and its sequel. Both those games were moody and fun, and they've certainly gone further with the design in this one. Thanks for sharing this!

Mike Lawler said...

Wow, this looks very cool. I'm building up to a similar style so this is a real inspiration. Thanks Keith!

Bryon Caldwell said...

Wow -- this IS awesome! Love the design!