Friday, August 21, 2009

Take THAT, vile box!

I love stuff like this.
Think far enough outside the box and you forget there was even a box to begin with. This is an excellent example of using what's available to you in an innovative and imaginative way to get something visually unique. There's more than one way to render a CG cat.

Saw this over on Lucas Martell's Pigeon Impossible blog. Congrats to Lucas on a recent festival win, too.


DmL said...

AMAZING! Thank you!

Ben Harper said...

Hey keith, thanks for the post..

This is a gorgeous render style! It seems so random as well..But definitely thinking outside the box! Im gonna try it out in 3ds sure it'll work through that as well.

James C Ditmer said...

Wow, so great. The effect appears very painterly. I love it!

Yaz said...

Wonderful!! Even if I do not like to use computer effects a lot, this one definetely worth trying. Thanks for posting about this.

Isaac Botkin said...

Thanks for posting this, Keith. I actually thought of you last January when I was experimenting with some the characters in my various render tests (at "").

I was thinking that this style would benefit from simple yet bold characters and animation, very much like what you've done with Otto. I hadn't actually checked your blog since you used to beat me at the 10-second animation club, but your signature style and superb snappiness are hard to forget.