Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More New Tutorial Translations!

Yay! I'm even more international now. Whee!

Thanks to Stefan Klaus, now our German friends can read my Pose to Pose tutorial in the native tongue of the fatherland. Huzzah!
And our friends in China can now read the Pose to Pose tutorial thanks to Harry Zhang.
Victor Luo has also done a nice job of translating Life After Pose to Pose and The Zen of Lead & Follow into Chinese.

See these and many other happy animation tutorials (in a myriad of languages, too!) over on my Tutorials page.

Good stuff! Thanks to these guys for their great work, and thanks to everybody who's been so cool to read these humble mutterings of mine. You all have shown me such great support over the years. You guys rock and I am very thankful. Give yourself a hug, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Danka and 謝謝.

Robert Diaz said...

More and more popular everyday. Thats good stuff. It just goes to show how big of a contribution you have made back to the community. Keep it up!