Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The things I've done for cash

As promised, here is a list of all the various jobs I've done in my adult life. Looking at it I'm pretty astounded by the wide variety of experiences I've had. I see now that each of these prepared me to do what I do now. I seem to have some kind of a story to tell about each job and the wide variety of people and personalities that I've dealt with. My own life experience is a limitless fountain of new ideas for characters and performances. I actually feel sorry for young folks who come right out of school into animation. It's almost like they have to play catch up to get such a wide array of life experiences under their belt.
I break the list into two parts: stuff I did before I got into the creative professions and stuff I've done since I've been in the creative professions.

  • Pre-Artistic Work:
    • dishwasher
    • deli counter worker
    • postal employee
    • shoe sales
    • house painter
    • door to door security systems sales
    • dept store clerk
    • car sales
    • injection mold palstics manufacturing
    • fresnel lense manufacutirng
    • shipping & receiving manager
    • part
    • lumber yard hand
    • forklift operator
    • security guard
    • snow plow operator
    • UPS truck unloader
    • janitor
    • landscaping
    • pizza delivery
    • asbestos removal
    • retail stock clerk
    • ad writer
    • freelance sports columnist
    • travelling computer installations
    • minister
  • More Artistic Type Work:
    • illustrator
    • multimedia creator (remember those days? heh)
    • videography
    • modeler
    • graphic designer
    • newspaper ad paste up
    • texture artist
    • lighting artist
    • animator
    • animation supervisor
    • animation director
    • Shot TD
    • CG Supervisor
    • Dir. of 3d Operations
    • assistant director
    • director
    • children's book author/illustrator
    • screen writer
    • voice work
    • storyboard artist
    • rigger
    • editor
    • compositor
Dang. I feel old now. Heh.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I find that all of the bad jobs I have ever had in my life only reaffirm how much I love being an animator. I can not even imagine not doing this.


Cedricstudio said...

Wow! That's quite a list. It's encouraging to know that someone as talented as you are didn't get just get things handed to them. It increases my belief that hard work and perseverence can really pay off.

Anonymous said...

Wow Keith, You've done EVERYTHING. You certainly have lots of life experiences to base your animation on!

MattJ said...

I can say that I have been down that road. Alot of different experiences in my lifetime. I am finally on my way to doing what I truly love - animation. I know this will be another long road of learning experiences, but I am looking forward to going to a job that actually lets me be creative and enjoy what I do.

Kevin Williams said...

Think it goes to show that there is no such thing as a pure specialist. I'm sure while some of those things may have been unpleasant, they helped give you a better insight into the biz, and how people think.

jeff said...
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Anonymous said...

Postal worker, eh? This explains a lot, Keith.

Oh, and I'd like a corned beef on pumpernikel, with Swiss and brown mustard, with a Dr. Brown's cream soda...

- T

john said...

Just letting you know that your site is really cool!

Anonymous said...

boy, how many lives you had??

Anonymous said...

That's a huge list, Keith! LOL

It's also very encouraging to those of us still "working towards" our desired careers :-)

Darrin Hofmeyr said...

Dont forget the current moonlighting as a TEACHER... (VTS)