Saturday, January 21, 2006

Before Pictures for Patrick, there was....

I've always loved Post-It-Note drawings. This is a snapshot of the wall over my desk when I worked at Big Idea. The arrayed collection of doodles was the product of three things.
  1. Me & my partner in crime, Bryan Ballinger sitting together.
  2. The ingenius creation of the 3M Corporation
  3. Lots and lots of dull meetings.
Bryan and I would sometimes tear through a pad per meeting, often trying to get the other one to break out laughing in the middle of the meeting. That was the ultimate sign of success, to get people to look over the two of us wondering what the heck was so goshdarned funny. Good times. The doodles in this pic represent probably less than 25% of what we pumped out. This was the shrine to the boring meeting doodle. Bryan had a shrine to odd food called the Museum of Regretable Edibles. It had some real doozies. Tuna Jerky for you- and your pet! Cross species food items are always a winner in our book. I'm sure he has pics of it. Anyhow, to give a sense of scale, if I were sitting at my desk working (instead of taking this picture) my head would have barely broken the bottom of the frame. The pad doodle ran about 10 feet up the wall. It was a tall ceiling.
Anyhow, I thought some folks might get a kick out of this bit of nostalgia. And for more zany doodles of deceiving quality, check out Bryan's site. It's a treasure trove of ink that will move your inner chipmunk in ways you'd never imagined.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Awesome!

Kevin said...

Thats great!! I'm such a huge post-it note fan..

I actually owe my career to them. I was about 7 or 8 years old, bored to tears in my mom's office and I made my first flip-book on her post-its. She would get so mad at me for using them all up! hehe..

Great pic Keith, I love work-area pic's!


sushipajamas said...

yes! i'm not the only one! SCAD just has a ton of those things lying around in all the academic buildings, and i've got a ton of drawings taking up a whole section of wall in my room. Just ideas that i will eventually get to, once i'm done with my animation projects for classes.


Tim said...

By the way, Bryan has posted photos of his food collection at:
Not for the queasy stomach.
- T

Justin S Barrett said...

Ah, the doodle, I miss seeing that. Oh, and you too, Keith. :D

For more Post-It doodle fun, check out Savage Chickens. Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

haha, a tribute to 3M :)