Sunday, January 22, 2006

"End of the Spear" : Go see it!

This wonderful, powerful, moving film debuted at #10 in the US box office this weekend. There's absolutely no mainstream buzz about this movie, but that's to be expected. It's the true story about christian missionaries and their greatest of sacrifices. The central theme is how the power of forgiveness can break timeless cycles of violence.

The opening monologue of the film says this.
It has been said that we cannot ever find true peace because we have never found a way to change the human heart. The events of this story challenge that.
For more about the movie and the real events & people behind it, check out the movie webpage.

Funny thing is I worked on some of the FX animation for this film last year and I didn't even know what it was. I was sitting in the theater thinking "Hey, I worked on that shot!". All I knew at the time was that we were working on some movie with a yellow plane and indians in the jungle. If I'd have known what it was about (or even how good it was going to turn to be) I would have been hyping this thing like crazy! Anyhow, skip Hoodwinked this week (please) and go see End of the Spear. You won't be sorry.


Tim said...

If the story wasn't true, you wouldn't believe it. (I'm referring to the books I've read about it it - I haven't seen the film yet).
Yeah, I've heard lots of stuff about this film, but none of itthrough traditional publicity avenues. Another friend of mine, Tom Newman, was the producer of this film, too. I believe he might have also directed some of the aerial photography. Tom was a guidance counselor in my high school before he started a stage touring company and eventually got into video and film production.
- T

Kevin J Bowman said...


I could not agree with you more. It was a beautiful film. Here is My Review of the amazing film. It was truly a well done film. If you have not seen the documentary, I would reccomend it as well.

Randy said...


You are so right about this movie. I'm telling everyone I can about it. It is likely the best set-in-modern-times "Christian" movie yet.

Powerful stuff. And on that note, check out another film now on video called, "To End All Wars" with Keifer Sutherland. It's also excellent.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see a movie that shows that some people, on occasion, understand that christianity isn't all about condemning homosexuals, degrading women and promoting a culture of fear, guilt, hypocrisy, violence and repression.

I am an aethiest myself, and I find that I am often frustrated by the hateful political ideologies that cloak themselves in this religion. It is good to see a movie that shows what every religion should be about; loving your neighbor, golden rule, etc.

I'll definitely check it out.

Anonymous said...

I was definately stoked about seeing this movie initially. As a Christian, I am very strict on myself and my family about what we check out.

However, I was really disheartened to find out the main actor is a professing homosexual.

Of course, that right there will likely open up a can of worms but I either support it or I don't - nothing halfway. In this case, I don't support it.

Surely a different actor could've been selected. This film could have done so much better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - a can of worms indeed my friend but you are have to stand up for what you believe to be the truth.

This old world has become too soft and liberal and the line dividing wrong and right is getting blurry as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

While I wholeheartedly agree that one shouldn't back down on their beliefs, let me put forth this question:

What about actors who commit adultery, fornicate, and take God's name in vain off-screen? Is one sin greater than the other?

Therefore, if you don't watch a movie with a homosexual actor, then you shouldn't watch a movie with an actor that you know is living with someone outside of wedlock.

Tough to do, I know, but we can't justify one sin and condemn another.

Anonymous said...

Come on people, this isn't the 13th century anymore, as much as our government would like you to believe it is.

How can you support a religion that tells you to love your enemies as your neighbors and still condemn homosexuals??

I still cannot believe that after 9/11, the obvious messy 9/11 coverup/lie that took place afterwards, the quagmire in Iraq, Katrina and all the other crap that has been going on that people still think homosexuality is a big problem. Yeah, the dollar may be declining and we're getting ready to nuke Iran at Israel's request (and maybe start WW3), but homosexuals are really a problem....because....they...know how to...decorate?

WTF? If people are happy, and no one gets hurt, why do people feel this way?

I think this is another reason why I am an aethiest. It's great to pretend you're a good christian and all, ho hum, but what does it really matter when you openly discriminate and persecute a group of people who are just trying to live thier lives in peace? Based on a small verse of text that was written 2000 + years ago. Maybe we should try to evolve a bit?

Sorry Keith. I'm sure this is not what you had in mind with this post. I meant no offense to anyone, I just think this whole crusade against gay people is the biggest, most bigoted, hypocritical cause in the history of mankind. It's purpose is not to persecute homosexuals, it is to keep this country divided on certain issues and keep our attention off of the things we should really be paying attention to!!


keith said...

Folks, this isn't productive, nor is it what I wanted nor intended in offering this post. The movie, regardless of the politics behind or surrounding it (to which I was happily ignorant), was a blessing to me in my faith. I wished to share this blessing with others. If anyone feels strongly about a movie (or whatever) for one reason or another, that's great. Definitely act on your beliefs. Don't violate your own conscience. But it is Biblical to have the grace to allow others to be blessed by something that you personally may find problematic for you. Read Paul's writings in Romans 14 about the 'weak and the strong'. It applies. I'm not here to pass judgement on anybody. Abstain from seeing the film if you are bothered by the people working on it. Or, feel free to go see it if you are not. The point here is that we are not to judge each other over such disputes. And if you find my stance here to be unacceptable, you are free to avoid my blog. I will not pass judgement on you. I'm prohibited from doing so, for I am not qualified to judge another man. Do what you need to do to be true to your own conscience.

All I know is this- I'm gonna delete any further comments to this post. So if you feel strongly enough to put across your point of view (either for or against), find another soapbox. This one is closed. And sadly, we'll leave it at that.