Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cool animated commercial

Brecht Debaene sent me a link to a commercial that he recently completed at his job. Brecht works as an animator/TD at commercial shop Hoaxland in Belgium. Take a moment to check it out- it's very fun and well done. It has a great cartoon energy to it.

The cool part is that Brecht's only 19 years old! This is his first job as an animator. If he's this solid at his first job... dang! Brecht has been a subscriber to my VTS ever since it started last March. Seeing him do well makes me smile. It's neat to see folks get their break.

Anyhow, congrats, Brecht! Here's to many years of happy animating in your future.


Drew said...


really nice. i especially like how they all bump into each other in sequence, really great energy.


Stephen Greenberg said...

That commercial is so cool. I actually figured out what was going on even though I couldn't understand a word of Dutch. Poor dejected wannabe furniture ;)

Only 19? Dayum.

gcastro3d said...

hey great work Robken! IMO this is way better than getting front page on cgtalk ;) . Really though, the animation is awesome and i think it's cool to see you doing the rigging as well. Job well done my friend.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

wow thanks guys...

george you're right, this does mean more to me than frontpage on cgtalk. the VTS has been a real blessing to me. especially the topic about weight...I saw that VTS right smack in the middle of production of this commercial...and the light just went...DING...

I still see a lot of mistakes in the spot though, and I hope to get better every day!!

anyway...thx for the plug keith and thx for all the replies everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thats was some extreme Work! loved the flow, very alive and cream of-a-job!
Keep it going man !