Saturday, October 14, 2006

Do Me A Favor… (new animation tutorial!)


While I admit that I am a no account blow hard, I am a generous no account blow hard. Heheh. So in the spirit of the blind leading the blind into a black hole I present to you another abomination on the surface of the animated planet. Yes, dear readers, I have written another free web tutorial.

“What’s he bloviating about this time?”, you may ask. What indeed! The name of this new tutorial is Do Me a Favor: Favors, Eases & Other Mysteries of Space.

In this episode I get down under the hood of what marks the difference between an ease, a favor, spacing and timing. Have you ever wondered-

  • Do eases or favors affect timing?
  • Do favors or eases affect spacing?
  • If so, how and why?
  • Are eases and favors the same thing?
  • Is timing and spacing the same?
  • Why should I care about this stuff?

All these questions and more are answered (and illustrated with lovely animated grey spheres!) in this new free tutorial.
So if you’ve ever struggled to understand the nature of eases and favors and such, feel free to come and read my new tutorial. Hopefully it won’t further confuse the matter for you. ;)


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