Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do Me A Favor… Now in Dutch!!

Big thanks to my friend and colleague (we worked together at both Blur & DNA) Wim Bien for taking the time to translate my latest tutorial about favors, eases and spacing into the entertaining language of Dutch. Dutch seems so foreign to me, but I do have a Dutch favorite word now.


Go ahead and say it out loud. Isn’t that fun sounding? You can’t help but smile when you say “voorbeeld”, can you? Oh, it means “example”. I think. Anyhow, check out Wim’s fine translation of this tutorial if you’re into the Dutch thing. And check out Wim’s site as well. He’s got some nice animation there. I remember when he did this one.

I really liked it then and I still dig it now. Willi Hammes did the scene set up/modeling/texturing/lighting. Wim did the animation. Both did an amazing job on this screen test for a film we were bidding on at Blur. Too bad it never got made.

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