Friday, October 06, 2006

Now this is cool!


I don’t remember exactly how, but I came across Bernhard Haux’s nifty website with some neato stuff on it. Anyhow he has this amazing looking tool he developed for CG animation that has me drooling! Click to watch the tech demo reel.
It’s a very cool screen space mesh deformer that lets you sculpt the geometry based on the image plane, not just with deformer nodes in the rig. Think of it like a Photoshop grid deformer that works on the mesh based on camera angle. And it’s animatable, too? Be still my beating heart! He has a great little toony body rig as well, but I am sold on the idea that we need more solutions like this grid deformer thing to go to the next level for making cartoons in CG. I’d gladly pay to have this kind of ability for my studio (if it works well and is simple to use). Any of you Maya geniuses wanna take a whack at cooking up something similar?

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