Monday, January 08, 2007

APT Progress Reel from session 1

A little in house news:

Here’s a short, non-comprehensive progress reel for some of my APT session 1 students. Note I used the term “progress reel” and not “demo reel”. The point of this reel isn’t to show only the best ’studio worthy’ demo reel pieces but to show the progress of individual students as a result of their time with the APT. Each student is their own story, each with their own needs and for each success was measured differently. So when you watch the reel compare the before and after results for each student profiled. Don’t compare the results with the latest cinematic release because that wasn’t the point for many of the students. I’m not going to try and leave the world with the impression that I can make you into a feature film animator in just 8 weeks. It’s just not possible and it’s not realistic. But I think I can help you be a better animator (whatever your level), and that’s the point of this reel- to mark the improvement.

Anyhow, I think you’ll see some of the great improvements some students made. This reel doesn’t showcase every student from APT session 1- that would be a bit too long. Still I was excited to see such personal growth in all of the students- that was by far one of the most rewarding parts about APT session 1. It confirmed my belief that highly personalized training - combined with a strong desire and work ethic on the part of the student- is perhaps the best way to pass on the craft of animation.

Anyhow, enjoy the “progress reel” and remember, APT session 2 starts taking enrollment after 12:01AM EST (U.S. time) on January 17th (barring some odd technical gremlin like an internet outage or something). I expect space to fill up fast, so be quick if you want to get in. For more info, check out the APT Frequently Asked Questions to the right. It’s been recently updated to have all the latest info stuffs.


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