Tuesday, January 16, 2007

APT Session #2: Now open for enrollment


If you want to participate as a student in the next Animation Personal Trainer session for February & March, then head on over to the kLango online store and sign up! Space will be very limited so be sure to bring your “A” game all you mouse clickers. Those who successfully sign up will receive a personal email welcome from me within 12 hrs. (It’s 2 am here right now. I’ll be up for a little while, but I need my beauty rest, you know.)
What’s the APT? Check out the FAQ for answers.

Is it any good? Check out the session#1 progress reel and decide for yourself.

I’ll update the blog once all the spots are taken. I’m pretty geeked to get this session started. By far the best part is seeing the students improve as the session progresses. Sometimes I was blown away with the improvement from week to week in session 1. What surprises will we have this time? Let’s find out!

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