Tuesday, January 09, 2007


UPDATE: It’s all fixed now. Whew!

Well, seems my webhost and my bank picked a great time to have communication troubles. Seems the klangoAnimation.com server is down for a “payment problem”. the host’s machines aren’t talking nice with the bank’s machines. (even though the card they are taking the payment from is valid, has money available and works just fine- I just used it today here in Brazil). Just your typical electronic banking snafu and par for the course for me lately.

Soooooo… I am in contact with them to get this all cleaned up. One way or another things will be all fixed in time for VTS subscribers to get their videos and APT enrollees to enroll next week. Sorry for the hassle. Such are the joys and adventures of running an online business from a different continent than the one you call ‘home’.

ps: it’s temporary and it will be missing some images, but here’s a short term APT FAQ link that will work til the klango server is back up.

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