Monday, December 22, 2008

More Tutorial Translations

OK, I've got a few free moments, so I'm adding some translations of my free tutorials.

With special thanks to Ariel Núñez Morera we have two new Spanish translations. The first is for Life After Pose to Pose: Taking it to the Next Level. The next is for Breakdowns Can be Such a Drag (building better overlaps in breakdowns).

We also have a Turkish translation for the Principles for LipSync Animation Article. This was lovingly provided by  Rıdvan Çevik.

Big thanks again to these fine gentlement for their efforts. I'm always humbled when folks feel inspired to translate my writings into other languages. Deixa me pra sinto tau internacional! 

UPDATE:  It seems that I have messed up some links and forgot to mention another translation. The link for the Life After Pose-to-Pose in Spanish is now fixed. I have also added The Principles of LipSync article in Spanish, also done by  Ariel Núñez Morera. Thanks to Jerzy Perez Gonzalez for catching the error. My apologies for the mix up. I'm a doofus.

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Gerardo Castellanos said...

Muchas gracias y feliz navidad!