Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pictures for Patrick: Snooty

This one's a little rougher around the edges. It started from a random few lines that I scribbled during dailies. Suddenly this character seemed to jump ut at me from the lins, so I filled in the rest. This one would be fun to color up in Photoshop someday. Don't we all know somebody who looks like this?


Bartek said...

Our secretary!

Anonymous said...

margaret thatcher!

Greg Hardin said...

Hey Keith! Do a DrawerGeek one of these days!!!!

I guess you're just holding on to the glory of that Punisher one you did back in like 2002?? j/k :)

Can't wait to hear your take on the Disney/Pixar thing. Hope all's well in Texas!

Drew said...

that reminds me of my career advisor in high school. she was brought in when we were seniors and said, "what can i say? i advise you to get a career."


rchana said...

perfect character for a office secretary...keep good work going.