Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coming Very Soon!

Just a quick note to let folks know that I'm putting the finishing touches on this month's new free animation tutorial. This will be the first in my new campaign to provide a new free animation tutorial on my site each month. This month's topic will be the uniquely CG creature we all know as Moving Holds. We'll cover what they are, what makes for good ones, key things to keep in mind when building them and some nifty tips on how to diagnose what a particular moving hold ought to look like. There's gonna be a number of sample clips in this one, so hopefully it'll be handy. I know that I learned a good bit putting it together. This should be up before the end of the week, so check back regularly to see when it goes online.

In addition I will be providing a very small teaser video tutorial sample on the Moving Holds topic. This will be a free (and by necessity, short) sample of what to expect from my upcoming video tutorial series. Which brings me to the announcement that the Video Tutorial Service will indeed be going live in April. Here are the basics: in addition to my free web tutorial each month I will be providing a very low cost video tutorial for those who subscribe to the video tutorial service. These video tutes will provide additional in depth information that relates to the monthly tutorial topic, stuff that can't be covered as easily in text. The videos will cover deeper concepts and provide real world practical tips and examples for executing the covered topic solutions in your own work. The videos will run approx 10-15 min each and subscribers will get a new one each month. The subscription service will be taking subscribers on or about March 21st, provided that all the technical mechanisms check out as solid.

But by far the thing that most excites me about this new Video Tutorial Service is that at least 40% of the proceeds from this video tutorial subscription service will be donated to several charities that benefit the less fortunate around the world. It's the best of everything- you can boost your animation education and help out the needy all at the same time!

The goal is to get even deeper into the material and provide a very cost effective, yet still highly informative and useful resource for advancing your animation studies and career. Yes, I know there are other absolutely wonderful online animation training resources out there and I can't recommend them enough. The guys over at Animation Mentor are uber groovy cool cats and I think the world of them and their work. Their mentors are all top notch and again, I call many of them friends. If you can swing it you should definitely try to get involved with their program. But I also realize that for many people out there the cost and time investment of fulltime schooling just isn't an option (it never was for me). So to help those who aren't able to participate in these other excellent programs, I want to provide something that they can still use and grow from without busting the bank.

I'm really excited about being able to offer this video tutorial service. I hope it will be as helpful to you as my previous tutorials have been. So click here to find out more. And if you're of the mind to do so, feel free to spread the news to your animation buddies. I want this to be open to any and all, so first click this link for details and then once you've committed them to memory go tell a friend! Heh. ;o)



Anonymous said...

hi there keith,

what a great idea, and i like the fact you mentioned that some people out there dont have the time or money for some other courses, i have a family with twin boys of 5 years old, so its very hard to find time to animate sometimes.. tho i do work for a games company animating..so really what i wanted to say was..thanks for all your time and help with your site and tutorials..its great to see..

Anonymous said...

Keith this sounds like it'll be a lot of fun. Are you going to keep an archive previous month's videos?