Thursday, March 17, 2005

Schleifer needs more work...

You guys gotta check this out. Jason Schleifer, disgustingly talented animator type dude at PDI/DW and all around cool hep-cat, has his own blog. He's just wrapped up production on Madagascar (congrats!). But it now seems that all he does is sit around and post to his blog. Like.... 8 times a day! How can I keep up with that? Dude, get to work! Heh. Seriously, great guy, great blog, great read, fun stuff. Another one for the reading list for sure!



jason said...

hah! thanks keith! :) what else am I supposed to do when I'm running test renders of animation? Read? Socialize? Solve cancer? heck no! It's crunch time! I'm crispy! It's time to rant about various things that make no sense in the hope that the fact someone out there finds the fact that I once learned how to string two words together (not always the right words) at least somewhat interesting.


yeah. :)

but hey! thanks again! and btw.. your posts/website/blog have always been a huuuge inspiration to all of us.. thanks so much! and keep up the great work!!


Keith Lango said...

Thanks, Jason. Glad ya like what's going on. These are cool days for us animation geeks. The number of really useful animator blogs is sprouting like crazy. But right now it seems like DW/PDI has the lead! Good thing Ethan moved on to Sony to help spread out the blog-base. heh.