Tuesday, March 22, 2005

VTS Now Open for taking subscriptions

Well, after a bunch of hustling, I finally got the VTS open for taking subscriptions. Click the link you see on the left to enter the subscription process. Just follow the directions and nobody will get hurt. heh.

Additionally, I've made a free "sample" video based on the march tutorial topic of Moving Holds. It's a very basic little 4 minute thing that barely scratches the surface compared to the full on videos that will come in the VTS starting in April. Think of it as the digital equivalent of the chunk of orange chicken on a toothpick you get at the mall foodcourt. :) The link for that is down below.

One last thing, I noticed a hitch in my plans. (ain't that always the case?). Anyhow, those who subscribe here in March will be charged in March for the April video. That's because the way PayPal works it must initiate the subscription with a payment. The problem is that you'll also see a charge in April. I don't want people to pay twice for the same thing- so to even out the scales those who subscribe here in March will get 2 videos in April. Yup, you'll get twice the goodness next month if you sign up in March. That way you don't pay twice for April's video, but will instead get a bonus video in April. I realized this mistake too late to change the opening date, but I do want to make it right by the folks who subscribe here in March. So yes, I'm human, I screw up. Just ask my wife and kids. :)

Anyhow, thanks again for all the great feedback, kind words and interest in the VTS. Together we can all make an impact here in the world.



Anonymous said...

I just watched your 4 minute sample - I love you, Keith!

Anonymous said...

oh gosh. its only 4 minutes and there's so much animation tips!
hey keith, I've got a question. If I want to make sure that I can get the 2 videos in April, when's the latest date that I must sign up? 30th March? or 15th April?
I need to know 'coz I'm planning to set up a local account using US$ for paypal. Rather than using my existnig account in my local currency and let the bank charge me extra for conversion. I guess this will save me quite some $ in the long run.

David M said...

Thanks Keith! I really like the 4 minutes demo-video and I signed to this great project.

I really think that you understand animation and it's cool that you share all your knowledge.

Thanks again


Keith Lango said...

Thanks, folks! And boon, if you want to get 2 videos in March you'll need to subscribe before April 1st. I hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the free video Keith, if there's one thing i need it's direction =D

I just got off the phone with dad after trying to get on to him all morning (of all the days to go lamb tailing) so now i'm all signed up!!!

As the Big Kev says "I'm Excited"

Anonymous said...

I just signed up,

looks like great stuff, I hope not too much people abuse it :(