Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Welcome to the neighborhood

A little shout out to those of you who have stumbled across my humble little blog/site in recent days. Another special thanks to the lovely and talented Jim Hull of the noble Seward Street animation blog. Welcome to the neighborhood, folks! Feel free to pull up a lawn chair, grab a cold one and enjoy the bar-b-q while we kick around the groovy cool topics of character animation, animated films and the finer points of pooper-scooper laws. :o)


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Anonymous said...

Seward Street is so cool after I saw your link to it, i went through and read and re-read every one of Jim's entries. I especially like his Milt Kahl MP3s.
It's so great how you both have so many links to inspiring stuff like:
How to be Creative:
(i think this is on Jim's site but i can't remember)
It's a great read.

Thanks for sharing.