Thursday, March 17, 2005

Video Tutorial Service - Yay!

This is just a quick update post on my recently announced Video Tutorial Service. Thanks for all the great interest and feedback. You can find the answers to a few questions on the thread at Cg-Talk and the thread over at CG-Char. I'm glad to see that folks think this is a good idea and that I'm filling a need in the animation education market. Cool stuff!

Anyhow, I've made it easier to keep up with the developments for the VTS by creating a mailing list. It's a no obligation thing. Just sign up and get info about the VTS including announcements, news and special insider info (not that there's really any insider info, it just sounds cool!). Anyhow, enough rambling from me. Click here to get on the info mailing list.

And thanks again for all the great feedback, ideas and support. The plan is on track for us to go live in taking subscriptions on Monday the 21st. So keep your eyes on this site, or better yet, sign up for my mailing list to find out when we're open for business. Thanks!!


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StevenHWicker said...

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