Friday, October 14, 2005

Comment Spam: A Blight on Humanity

Spammers are leeches. It's not enough that they fill our inboxes with ads for Viagara, they now auto-comment on blogs. Blegh!! A pox on them I say!

In an effort to combat this evil I have turned on word verification for the comments in my blog now. It's a minor inconvenience for real human beings who wish to comment here (and I'm always glad to have folks comment here, even if I don't reply to the comments often enough). Hopefully this small measure will keep the spammers at bay. The vermin.

In other news... I gotta get back to editing this month's VTS video (it's due out Monday the 17th). We're still on our timing section, but we're getting close to wrapping that up. Probably one or two more months and then it's on to scene planning, blocking, acting choices, etc. The good stuff. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanx Keith... the way, did I tell you about this great deal on Cialis?
....and I have a lead on Rolexes, too!

Drew said...

... even better, i can get you a great deal on ROLOXES!

i just did the same thing for my site. anyway, can't wait for the new video.


Robert Diaz said...

Ha ha ha! I laughed as soon as I read Tim's comments.

Seriously though, I really hate the comment spam. When I first started my blog I saw a comment and I was like "wow! I got a comment" But alas, it was only spam. So I turned on the word verification and poof, no more spam.

I might turn it off though. Its better to have spam comments than no comments at all ;-). I'm a sad little blogger.

Cant wait for the the next VTS!


Anonymous said...

Spammers are everywhere, but there are some people out there who take this problem lightly, and see it as a consequence of being on the web.