Monday, October 31, 2005


While editing my blogger template this weekend (I was trying to add a new link on the sidebar) it seems I had a slip of the keyboard and totally hosed the template. The result was a page full of gobbeldy gook text. I've since restored the template from a back up, but the blogger bar is back at the top. I'll be fixing that later tonite to get rid of it. Til then, you'll have to endure looking at it. :)



Robert Diaz said...

Wordpress my friend...Wordpress. :-)

This coming from someone who still uses blogger. ;-p


Keith Lango said...

Well, this wasn't a blogger problem. This was a "Keith has fat fingers and can't type" problem. Unless Wordpress can insure against me typing poorly I think I'd be screwed there as well. heh.

Still wanna switch to Wordpress. Time... that's the true shortage.

Anonymous said...

lol so THAT'S why the page was borked. Interesting post about independent animation... It's nice to have someone in the content business point out latter day films are crap because they're bad instead of blaming piracy.

I watched Das Boot last weekend. Would I have found it at blockbuster? Not bloody likely. This is the power of free information; to show people beautiful things.

Keith, you're widely known because you gave your knowledge freely. Now you have a (darned cheap!) video series that's far better than anything 3dbuzz or VTC ever dreamed of. There's a lesson here; generosity pays dividends. People who are profit minded just don't seem to produce very good content. Thanks for being one of the good guys!

btw... go download Survive Style 5 from then buy it! It's surely worth it.