Friday, October 28, 2005

Fun little test

Here's a quickie little animation test I recently did for one of my VTS video classes.
(right click to save movie. Quicktime 7 required)
Murray 12fps Anim Test

This is an older version of this character's rig. I'm doing some tests animating in CG on 2's. I'm (slowly) working on my next short film idea and I want to see about doing the whole thing on 2's. Why? Well, why not? I'm not trying to emulate the stop-mo look, but am rather more interested in getting some of the flavor of handdrawn animation back into CG. It requires a lot from the rig and this early version lacked some pretty vital stuff. I've since completely gutted this rig and I am making a new one (with some professional help) that's even more flexible. Anyhow, I thought I'd throw this up here and share with folks. It's been a while since I posted any new animation. Enjoy the fun on 2's!


Anonymous said...

Looks really good keith.
So are you just animation on 2's by hand? Or have you gotten your hands on some fancy schmancy tool? I was assuming it was just you but then I read the post and you were refering to asking the rig for more....Just wondering.
I really dig the site too keep it up.

Keith Lango said...

Nothing too awful fancy. Just animating with Maya set to 12fps instead of 24. As for the rig, it's an early version of my attempt t build a more malleable rig that allows me to better control the shape of my character to get that hand drwan life back into animation. I have a new version of the rig that is a mix of ther people's efforts and my own that is the best I've ever used yet. I'm excited to get some time to play with it more.

Anonymous said...

Thats cool, so your just animating at twelve frames a second and then dropping in in after fx or something and duplicating the frames by hand?

I know what you mean about the right rig. A guy I work with is helping me to make a bunch of scripts that just make the workflow better. Nothing revolutionary just things like keys to turn things off and on so I can see whats going on, and reconfiguring the interface on the fly and junk like that. But it makes all the difference when your under the gun which I'm sure you know. Hey I subscribed to your VTM the first six months. Really nice job. I think it's a great idea and the cause is awesome.