Monday, October 31, 2005

It begins

Back in my earlier post about the idea that the video iPod has the potential to start altering the way we think about video distribution, I mentioned that soon enterprsing folks were going to start finding a way to get content to this portable devices.
Intro Channel Frederator.
Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew has a brief post on how Frederator Cartoons is going to set up a weekly vid-cast of animated short films. They're taking submissions and their first month's vid-cast looks to have some fun toons on them. I expect that others will hop on seeing as this is such an easy thing to set up and get going (and it's low cost as well). The content is out there. I think there is a definite market and interest for short animated films (that are well done!) just like there is a market for a wide variety of music. Savvy media consumers are looking for new and fresh ideas in their video media. The steady decline in ticket sales for cinematic releases from Hollywood is about more than just the proliferation of home theater systems and DVD's. It's certainly not about pirating. It's about content, new, flavorful, relevant, meaningful content. Smart people aren't willing to settle for the silly pap that's being pushed anymore. The independent filmmakers are the ones who will define the curve. Channel Frederator is among those who have fired the opening salvo in this little war of independence.

Not to say I told you so, but... I told you so.



Arslan Elver said...

Well, yeah you told so Keith :) And as you say, it will be a very interesting road, a fun and entertaning road for filmmakers. I am excited to see the how it will go :)

john said...

Hi, somebody recommended me to your site. I really love it.

I've been making little 3D movies but I don't know how you put those little demos of your work on a site for people to see.

Do you pay for an internet hosting service?

I'd really appreciate it if you could clue me in on this.

Keith Lango said...

Hey John,
Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I do pay for web hosting. The one I like the most these days is They have lots of storage for media files and they don't charge you for high bandwidth. Good customer service, too. To make my web page I use an old version of MS Frontpage. (yeah, go ahead and mock me you web geeks. It works for me and I own it. Heh). The blog is done over at I just nest the bog page into a frame on my home page.
Enjoy the site and have fun!

Drew said...

just watched the first installment. this looks like it's going to be good. i wonder if they are getting into the student market at all... there are a lot of folks out there (me) that would love the exposure. anyway, great insights.

Justin S Barrett said...
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