Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dig the Beat, Yo

I’m not sure how much the cool PuppetVision blog gets read in the animation world, specifically with CG guys, but I figure I’ll help with the cross pollination.
As for this clip, it’s a nifty little piece about how to make a funky smooth beat. Made by a group in Australia. Me likey.

I picked up the trail on this clip from the very friendly and fresh PuppetVision blog. I like PuppetVision because he seems to have a good bead on what’s happening in the puppetry world. One of my favorite shows in my teen years was The Muppet Show. Yes, I was that pathetic as a teen. But I just loved that show- never missed an episode. So puppetry has long been something I have a great appreciation for. Animation and puppetry are like kissing cousins. On the Ant Bully I had the great privilege of working with former Muppeteer and all around super fun human being Karen Prell. The life she could bring to anything in her hands was nothing short of magical. To watch her perform with a puppet for little kids was mesmerizing. She disappears and you find yourself relating to this flop of cloth on her arm as a real living breathing being, just like the 4 year olds in front of you. I’m thankful that over a decade ago Pixar took a flyer and hired her and trained her how to animate. She animates her characters with a great sense of fun as well. I know I always enjoyed going to dailies when Karen had a scene in the same sequence as mine. She’s just one of many folks from the DNA crew that I miss being around.

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