Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thank you, Aardman!


Thank you for reminding me how fun animation can be.

Thank you for sticking to your charming, low-tech roots.

Thank you for not getting caught up in the latest dollar chasing craze.

Thank you for reminding me that “story” isn’t necessarily the most important thing in animation.

Thank you for your unapologetic avoidance of the snarky and cynical.

Thank you for the smile which grows across my face while I watch your animation.

Thank you for inspiring me to move forward in my own work simply by going back.

I happily lost almost an hour today watching these spots.

You can just tell– these guys were having an absolute blast when they made these spots.


Keith Lango said...

original comments here...

gary said...

What were the spots? I'm intrigued but the links are broken :(