Tuesday, February 20, 2007



While it’s been fun having the mic for the last year or two, I need to take step back on this whole blogging thing. Posts will be significantly less frequent and the topics will tend to stick to the business of my VTS or APT programs. Occasionally I may put up a post showing some cool stuff I’ve found or that I’m doing. However right now I have some doors that I need to walk through and I need to put my focus in the right place until I reach the other side. So I leave the stage to other well versed and intelligent commentators on the state, nature and potential of this thing we all love called animation.

ps: And no, the recent idiocy among some troll commentators on the Bee Movie thread has absolutely nothing to do with this. I couldn’t care less about such silliness as it doesn’t affect me at all. :) Seriously, this is just a personal decision and the time is right for it now.

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