Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Two things


If you like the Corel’s Painter program and wanted to have a copy for use at home or for your own personal projects, but you are kinda scared by the sticker price then you have got to check out Artweaver. It looks and feels a lot like Painter. It’s fast, light and stable and has a lot of the natural media tools and brushes of Painter.

Artweaver.jpg click to make bigger-ish. Excuse the doodle. I was just messin’ around.

And the price? Yeah, it’s kinda like FREE. As in you don’t need to pay for it but you can still use it kind of free. They have a PayPal donation button on their site. Definitely drop a few pennies in that tip jar, man.
And the installer download? Under 7mb. Gosh, who doesn’t like OpenSource software? Makes me glad I never spent the cash to upgrade my old copy of Painter. For what I do this is plenty strong enough.


I only regret that when I had my chance to work on Mickey Mouse that I wasn’t good enough to do anything even close to this excellent with him.

mickeyTreeChop.jpg click for a better look

Just look at that pose. I know we were stuck doing him in CG and we had all kinds of challenges with rigs and stuff, but that’s no excuse. When you’re not good enough you just need to own up to it. And I wasn’t good enough to make it sing. Not like this. If only I knew then what I know now. It makes me sigh for opportunities lost.

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