Thursday, February 15, 2007

To Bee CG or Not to Bee….

New trailer for DW’s Bee Movie…

bee.jpg click image to go to the trailer
Alright, at the risk of being a downer, was I the only person more entertained by the live action than the animation? And the first trailer (also live action) was really funny as well. But this…. I dunno why, but it felt like the fun just fell out the bottom of the piece once it went to animation. For an advert to an animated movie isn’t this supposed to be the other way around? Don’t get me wrong. I really, really, REALLY wanted this to make me smile. When I heard they had animation in this trailer I thought “Cool!”. After watching it I thought “Gee…”.
This was funny…


This was supposed to be funny.


Yeah, yeah, I know. Don’t judge a whole movie just by a trailer (but isn’t that what trailers are for?). And yes, of course I’m just bitter and I can’t hold the jock of the least animator/artist working on this film and if I’m so smart why don’t I just shut up and prove it by making something better, blah, blah. All valid counter points so please feel free to ignore me at your leisure. I’m just sayin’ — I really had hopes the animated part would make me smile.

Truth be told I’m digging the whole premise of Jerry trying to do a preposterous children’s bee movie in a costume. So far it’s been pretty funny and it has potential. Ironic.

Update: I’ve had to turn off comments for this thread. A few stupid fraudulent comments and some trolling have pretty much ruined the fun for everyone and I don’t have time to be playing games straightening out the idiocy. The troll comments came from the Dreamworks IP and the ReelFX IP addresses (I do have decent admin tools for this blog, you know). Nice work, boys. A real high water mark of professionalism. I’m sure your studio bosses would be proud.

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